Terms & Conditions

Article 1. Parties
Seler: Cavadova Ulviyya Sahib, Tax ID:
Seller’s address: E.Babayev 004 V, M.Rəsulzadə qəsəbəsi Bakı Azərbaycan
Contact number: +994 50 520 33 88
Website: www.viyyastore.com
Email: shop@viyyastore.com
Buyer: The person who places an order for the goods (hereinafter referred as “Goods”) sold on website www.viyyastore.com (hereinafter referred as “website”) with entering its personal information via registering or checking out as a guest.

Article 2. Subject of the Contract
The subject of this contract (hereinafter referred as “Contract”) is sale of the Goods placed on this website by Seller and the purchase of the Goods by Buyer.
Seller owns the intellectual property right for the Goods.

Article 3. Order
Buyer can place order on website with registering or without registering and checking out as a guest. Buyer is deemed to accept the terms and conditions of this Contract with declaring his acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Contract via ticking the relevant button upon placement of an order and making a payment.
Buyer bears responsibility for the accuracy of the information (name, lastname, shipping address, billing address, contact details, email and etc.) entered while placing order. Seller does not bear any responsibility (for exampleç for order delay, delivery to wrong address) occurred as a result of inaccurate information entered.
An order confirmation email is sent to Buyer’s email address right after the placement of an order and receipt of payment into Seller’s bank account. Seller starts the production of Goods, after order is placed and payment is transferred to Seller’s bank account. 
Production of Goods takes approximately 10-14 business days. After the completion of production of Goods, Goods are handed over to shipping company or courier for delivery to Buyer.
The confirmation of shipment is sent to Buyer’s email address when the Goods is handed over to shipping company or courier for delivery.
Buyer should contact Seller on info@viyyastore.com for any additional information about order or request for special size.

Article 4. Description of Goods
Precious and semi-precious stones are used in the production of Goods. The stones colour might be lighter or darker that the colour seems on photo share on this üebsite or other platforms, due to the natural character of the stones.

Article 5. Return, replacement and cancellation of an order
Return and replacement of Goods are not accepted, as the Goods are produced on a pre-order basis. 
Buyer has a right to cancel its order at no cost within 24 hours after the receipt of order confirmation. Buyer loses its right to cancell order after 24 hours pass, and is not entitled to a refund. 
If Buyer wants to cancel the order, Buyer has to send an email to info@viyyastore.com stating his intention to cancel.
Upon cancellation paid amount will be refunded to the account that Buyer has made an order within 30 business days.

Article 6. Transfer of right of property and risk
The risk of damage and loss passes from Seller to Buyer upon the delivery of the Goods to Buyer by shipping company or courier or upon signature by Buyer on the delivery note.
The right on property passes from Seller to Buyer upon delivery of the Goods to Buyer when the risk is transferred to Buyer.
Buyer has to inspect the Goods upon delivery, and inform the representative of shipping company in situ about the defect revealed  on the Goods if any, and make the relevant endorsement on the delivery note. If the Buyer does not follow the rules of this paragraph, Seller will not bear any responsibiity for the defect.

Article 7. Price and payment
Seller has a right to revise the price of the Goods unilaterally at any time. The price of the Goods is valid upon placement of price into website. This event does not affect already placed orders, and the prices of Goods for placed orders cannot be changed.
Seller bears the cost of shipping.
Seller is not responsible for the payment of import tax, custom charges, and any local sale taxes applicable.
The payment is processed through website. If Buyer encounters any problem during the payment process, Buyer can contact Seller via info@viyyastore.com email address. In that case as an alternative method, Seller can propose Buyer to make payment via bank transfer and present its bank details.

Article 8. Confidentiality of information
Information of credit and debet cards entered by Buyer is not saved in the website while prossesing order and payment. Seller keeps the information entered by Buyer confidential according to the requirements of law of Azerbaijan Republic. Seller  may use the email adddress and mobile number entered by Buyer only for the advertisement purpose of informing Buyer about the its business.

Article 9. Dispute settlement
Seller and Buyer tries to settle any disputes arising between them through amicable ways. If parties are not able to reach to an agreement though amicable ways, relevant court of the Azerbaijan Republic will be the place of settlement of the dispute.
This Contract is governed by the law of Azerbaijan Republic.

Article 10. Miscellaneous
Seller reserves the right at its sole discretion at any time to revise the terms and conditions of the Contract by posting update and changes to the website.
The invalidity of any term of the Contract, does not invalidate other terms of the Contract.